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Our Most Popular Package. Complete education & preparation of the entire college recruiting process from profile assessment to getting ready for the 1st day of class + college practice. Personal mentoring & coaching provided. Sessions also include high school academic counseling, major & career assessment, NCAA eligibility registration; recruiting rules education; marketing strategies; email writing; interview, phone & visit preparation; worksheets for organization; training advice; help with video; negotiating offers to maximize financial awards + more! . Website & College Profile Mapping included. Unlimited sessions , 24/7 support.



This package is designed for the family that needs help but can’t invest at the MVP Level. All the key information needed to get you on the road to a college sports career. 4 sessions include: NCAA eligibility requirements & rules education; website set-up & tutorial; finding colleges to target; and preparation for talking to college coaches.



Simply the most comprehensive website on the market AND the only one for individual resale. T2SC makes getting recruited easy! College coaches agree player profiles are the single most effective tool for getting recruited. Considered essential in the recruiting process, recruiting websites increase recruitability immediately. Imagine all the information a college coach needs in one place…including your skills & highlight videos. Easy to organize, manage, load, update and send. Our web-based player profile is the best and applauded by college coaches everywhere! {Website stays active until high school graduation}.

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A 1 on 1 evaluation of your college recruiting profile & playing potential. Includes assessment of video + NCAA Academic & Eligibility Requirements which includes high school classes, transcript & SAT/ACT’s. Understand your “Recruitability” and how to jump start your college sports career.



For athletes looking to transfer colleges or those being actively recruited & only needing help with evaluating, assessing & negotiating offers. Unlimited sessions with phone & email support.



*Limited availability. For the non-athlete. Sessions include help with the college selection & application process; college major & career inventory and assessment; resume building & admissions interview preparation. College Profile Mapping included. Unlimited sessions with phone & email support.



A coaching session on your topic of choice!



This 4 hour workshop coaches the essentials of the recruiting process and teaches how to get on the radar of every coach coach. This condensed, intense Boot Camp format session will completely prepare,motivate & teach how to get recruited. Also included in this package is a recruiting website that you own. Over a 60% savings! {Note: This package is only offered at limited times throughout the year}.

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